Recombinase mediated isothermal amplification
Recombinase mediated isothermal amplification

Recombinase mediated isothermal amplification

Recombinase Aided Amplification is a technology that uses recombinase, single strand binding protein and DNA polymerase to amplify nucleic acids under isothermal conditions (the optimal temperature is 37 ℃).

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Recombinase mediated isothermal amplification (recommended)

Article NumberChinese NameEnglishRecommended Use
DAP07C01T4 Recombinase

T4 UvsX recombinase(T4 Uvs X)

Recombinant polymerase

Key raw materials for isothermal expansion


T4 Recombinase Assisted Protein

T4 UvsY protein(T4 UvsY)
DAP07C03Nucleic acid Endonuclease IVEndonuclease IV (Nfo)

T4 single chain binding protein

T4 gene 32 protein(Gp32)
DAP07C05Bsu DNA Large Fragment Polymerase

Bsu DNA polymerase (Large


DAP07C06Exonuclease IIIExonuclease III (Exo)
DAP07C15BST DNA Large Fragment PolymeraseBst DNA polymerase (Large fragment)(Bst-LF)

Recombinase, single strand binding protein and primer form a complex to scan double stranded DNA, and de spin the double stranded DNA at the sequence homologous to the primer. Single strand binding protein (SSB) prevents single stranded DNA from renaturation. In the presence of energy and dNTP, DNA polymerase completes the chain extension, and instrument amplification can be realized in 5-20 minutes.


DAP07C01-T4 Reco...

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DAP07C02-T4 Reco...

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DAP07C04-T4 gene...

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DAP07C05-Bsu DNA...

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DAP07C06 Nucleic...

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