Rapie Endonulease XbaI
Rapie Endonulease XbaI

Rapie Endonulease XbaI

Jinji rapid Endonuclease is a series of restriction endonuclease that have been genetically engineered and recombined, and can accurately complete DNA cutting within 5~15 minutes. It is suitable for fast digestion of plasmid DNA, PCR products or genomic DNA.

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DN01701Jinji Rapid Endonulease XbaI金吉快速内切酶XbaI1 rxn/μl,500 rxns360

Jinji rapid endonuclease has the following features: digestion can be completed in 5~15 minutes; it use a common enzyme digestion buffer, then greatly simplifies the enzyme digestion reaction system; Good enzyme activity redundancy, easy to cope with excessive substrate or complex template digestion. In addition, DIA-UP BIO Dephosphorylation and linking reagents have 100% activity in Jinji enzyme digestion buffer, which supports one tube reaction and improves the experience of 'enzyme digestion - modify - ligation.

1. Rapid: the reaction can be completed in 5-15 min.

2. 37  is the most suitable reaction temperature.

3. Affected by Dam methylation, sequences may overlap and digestion blocking.

4. Enzyme inactivation after 20 minutes of incubation at 80 .

5. 3-hour incubation did not show star activity, and delayed enzyme digestion may show star activity.

1. Endonuclease should be set in an ice box when used, and should be stored at -20  immediately after use.

2. If the expected cleavage site cannot be cleaved, please confirm if there is a methylation interference issue.

3. For research use only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures and food or medicine. Not allowed to be stored in ordinary residential areas.

4. For your safety and health, please wear White coat and disposable gloves.

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