What does RNA synthesis service include?

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Synthetic RNA, as an important research tool, is widely used in gene function analysis, development of new therapeutic strategies, and other research fields. The synthesis method of RNA is the same as that of DNA, but compared to the chemical synthesis of DNA, the chemical synthesis of RNA is more difficult because of the low coupling efficiency between bases and the easy decomposition of products. In addition, the cost of RNA synthesis is extremely high, so the price of RNA synthesis services is higher than that of DNA.

What does RNA synthesis service include?

The process of synthesizing RNA molecules through enzymatic polymerization in organisms is called RNA biosynthesis. In the biological world, there are two ways of RNA synthesis: one is DNA guided RNA synthesis, also known as transcription, which is the main way of RNA synthesis in organisms. The other is RNA guided RNA synthesis, also known as RNA replication, which is catalyzed by RNA dependent RNA polymerase and is common in viruses. It is a way for RNA viruses other than retroviruses to synthesize RNA in host cells using viral single stranded RNA as a template.

Generally speaking, RNA can be divided into three categories: mRNA (messenger RNA), rRNA (Ribosome RNA) and tRNA (transport RNA). Different RNAs have different functions. For example, the Ribosome is composed of rRNA, which is synthesized by nucleoli in the nucleus. However, messenger mRNA and transport tRNA have different functions at different stages of protein synthesis. MRNA is a single stranded DNA template that is transcribed based on the principle of base matching. RNA synthesis requires the participation of many components, including DNA template, four triphosphates (NTP), RNA polymerase, some protein factors and necessary inorganic ions.

RNA synthesis services include: general RNA synthesis, RNA modification and labeling, chimeric DNA (mixed structure of DNA and RNA), synthesis of 2-OMe-RNA and other Antisense RNA, etc. In order to ensure the high quality of RNA oligo and strictly implement the quality control standards for synthetic RNA, the product delivered to the customer is high-quality RNA oligo detected by ESI mass spectrometry combined with HPLC purity.

Diopin is equipped with various automatic synthesizers, advanced purification equipment, and rich RNA synthesis experience. We have improved a complete set of RNA synthesis services and purification technologies, providing high-quality RNA synthesis products and providing customers with high-quality, cost-effective RNA synthesis customization services. We have flexible and diverse synthesis specifications to meet the diverse needs of scientific researchers. We strictly follow the company's quality management system and quality standards to provide RNA labeling and synthesis services. All RNA products adopt the optimized Solid-phase synthesis process and HPLC purification process, and pass the standard QC test and release to ensure the high stability of product quality.

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