SDC antibody conjugates series products
SDC antibody conjugates series products

SDC antibody conjugates series products

What troubles do non directional coupling bring to you

 AP Chemiluminescence

The preparation process of non directional coupling is complex, with high technical requirements, which can easily cause large inter batch differences;

The enzyme coupling products are uneven, resulting in poor repeatability and low detection sensitivity;

Non directional coupling products may damage the activity of enzymes and antibodies, reducing their stability;

Each project of non directional coupling needs to be optimized separately, while directional coupling only requires one buffer to meet the stability requirements of all enzyme conjugates;

As a leading global in vitro diagnostic upstream platform enterprise, DIA-UP Biotechnology has been deeply involved in the core biological raw materials of reagents for more than ten years, and is a professional provider of special proteins and small molecule raw materials. Through independent R&D and innovation by the core technical team, more than 30 SDCTM antibody conjugate series products have been developed, which can easily realize the directional coupling of antibodies and Alkaline phosphatase, and efficiently help optimize the production of chemiluminescence products.

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Easily achieve targeted coupling of antibodies and alkaline phosphatase, efficiently assist in optimizing the production of chemiluminescent products

Structure Defined Conjugate (SDCTM) is a kind of well-defined antibody fragment enzyme conjugate based on the fixed-point coupling of Fab antibody and Alkaline phosphatase, which is mainly used in the production of Alkaline phosphatase chemiluminescence reagent.



·Eight core advantages accelerate the localization of chemiluminescence ·


Simple production process

Reducing production time to 0.5 hours reduces production costs by over 40%.


Outstanding anti-interference ability

Reduce 90% HAMA interference, save blockers, and reduce reagent costs by more than 10%.


Large single batch production capacity

Single batch production capacity can reach level g, capable of producing 400 million reagent units。


Significant cost advantage

Reduce comprehensive production costs by more than 50%.


High accuracy

All have been verified by the AP luminescent platform, and their consistency with imported products is greater than 0.95.


Strong activity

Fixed point coupling, 100% complete preservation of antibody Fab region, and 100% preservation of enzyme activity region。



Accelerated stability within 7 days and 10%, with a shelf life greater than 24 months.


Small inter batch difference

>90% uniform, clear coupling compound, resulting in<5% inter batch difference.

· SDCTM antibody conjugate series products have been launched ·


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