Sex Hormone
Sex Hormone

Sex Hormone

Used for in vitro quantitative detection of progesterone (Prog), testosterone (Teso), and follicle stimulating hormone in human serum and plasma


(LH) β- Human chorionic hyperplasia

Gonadal hormone( β- HCG), anti Mullerian hormone

Reagent raw materials for (AMH).

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NameArticle NumberReferred To AsApplication (Methodology)
Sex HormoneFluorescent plate for progesterone determinationDAP02-21ProgFluorescence immunochromatography
Fluorescent plate for prolactin determinationDAP02-22PRLFluorescence immunochromatography
Fluorescent plate for measuring follicle stimulating hormoneDAP02-23FSHFluorescence immunochromatography
Luteinizing Hormone Determination Fluorescent PlateDAP02-24LHFluorescence immunochromatography
β- Human chorionic gonadotropin assay fluorescent plateDAP02-25β-HCGFluorescence immunochromatography
Fluorescence plate for measuring anti Mueller tube hormone
DAP02-30AMHFluorescence immunochromatography

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